about us

The focus of the training is an acclimation of the individual to their own body and capabilities. We use Yoga, bands, stability balls, medicine balls, and a person’s own body weight to elicit the muscular response. If the individual or group has a facility with equipment or are able to come to the studio, that equipment will be used as well.  The general response is a definite improvement in posture, self esteem and fitness.

The fitness training focuses on the core of the body, being the abs, low back and the hip/ thigh area. All other areas are also worked.
Cosmetic changes are not the main goal, but are one of the most apparent outcomes.

I have witnessed very dramatic changes in the people I work with on both the inside and outside. People have experienced improved sports performance. I have seen the training reduce or eliminate back, low back, shoulder, neck, and hip pain. I truly believe that this type of workout can and will help anyone. Routines are developed individually for each client or group to meet their specific needs.

Here are some specific examples of areas that can be focused on:

img Weight loss, body fat reduction img Increased flexibility and breathe control
img Increased speed and agility img Strength and conditioning
img Sport specific training (ie: golf, football, soccer) img Increased energy and endurance